Award Winning Journalist and Filmmaker Aja Vickers enters into a long-term Agreement with Richard Tyler and his 3 film and production companies.

Houston, TX – November 22, 2017- With the success of their first film it’s only natural that filmmaker Aja Vickers and filmmaker Richard Tyler would team up again for future projects. Vickers says she’s excited to continue a working relationship with such an accomplished person.

“I really love working with Richard because he’s not only a stand up guy, his work ethic is incredible. If Richard says he’s going to do something, he does it. That’s not always an easy thing to find when it comes to film production.”

Tyler is a best-selling author, award winning filmmaker, entrepreneur, and the world’s top sales and management expert. Vickers says the two started working together after she attended one of Tyler’s educational seminars. He liked her go-getter attitude, so they met to review some of her work. Tyler liked what he saw so he asked her to collaborate on an inspirational short film he had in mind. Vickers said yes and that’s how everything got started.

Their first short film, titled The Power of Words™ features Sheila Johnstone, an American Sign Language teacher whose mission is to break down the barriers of communication for the hard of hearing and others alike. Her class started through a simple conversation and has grown exponentially. The film seeks to discover how the power of words can create surprising results and positively impact people in ways you couldn’t even imagine. The film was nominated to compete in the prestigious One-Reeler Short Film competition and won in the honorable mention category. Tyler says he’s really proud of the work that he and Vickers accomplished here with real people, not actor’s, telling a real story. Tyler added, “We didn’t have much time to shoot the film and that is where Aja’s TV journalist skills got a chance to really shine. You see in her TV days, shooting, editing and writing were all in a day’s work. Additionally, she usually had short time windows so she got really good at it.”

Tyler stated, “Having our first film nominated and win an Award really tells me that people want to see these kinds of stories. They are uplifting, inspiring, and are really a call to action for people to give more of themselves when it comes the world around us.” Vickers added, ” When you are looking to touch people’s hearts and inspire their actions in a Short Film, everything has to work because there is no time to lose the people and get them back. I think we won because we were able to accomplish this in “The Power of Words” ™.”

The film was the first project released by Excellence Edge Films, which is Tyler’s own film and production company. Tyler was the Director and Executive Producer while Vickers was the Producer and Director of Photography.

Production of the next short film is slated to start this fall and will be the second film in the “Power of You” series. Vickers says working on projects like this is a dream come true and she can’t wait to see what the duo comes up with next.

About Aja Vickers:
Aja Vickers is the President of Aja Vickers Global Media and Vickers Entertainment Group, LLC.

Aja Vickers has spent more than a decade creating compelling visual content for network television, businesses, non-profits, and artists. Her love of video production and photography keeps her striving to become one of the most sought after experts in her field.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Aja attended the University of New Mexico and University of San Francisco where she studied journalism and politics. Her internships with ABC affiliate KOAT in Albuquerque and FOX affiliate KTVU in Oakland taught her the necessary skills to become an on-air reporter and she got her first television job in 2006 at local community station TV30 near the San Francisco Bay Area. Aja started reporting, shooting, editing, writing, and producing her own segments and assisting with the production of the news program. Her success in this endeavor allowed her to become the Bureau Chief for the NBC affiliate KSNG out in Garden City, Kansas, where she won the Kansas Association of Broadcasters award for best Non-Metro Television Prime Newscast. With that success in Kansas, Aja moved to a larger media market in Tulsa, OK where she worked for the NBC affiliate KJRH. At this station she worked as a Multi-Media Journalist shooting, writing and contributing editing her own stories as well as being an on air reporter covering all areas of the news for the station. . From politics to crime, sports to tornadoes–you name it, she’s shot it, reported on it or both.

After experiencing all aspects of broadcast news, Aja decided she wanted to start her own production company and began her journey to make it a reality. Aja honed her skills in the news industry by doing thousands of different types of stories and interviews and she coupled those skills with her knack for storytelling and an ability to capture the emotion of any genre. The result is a masterful transformation of pictures and words into a powerful message for her clients. Whatever message you desire Aja can make it happen.

You can connect with Aja at:

About Richard Tyler:
Richard Tyler, “America’s Corporate and Entrepreneurial Business Expert™” is recognized as the world’s top sales trainer and management consultant. Richard is the CEO of Richard Tyler International, Inc.® as well as a diversified family of companies and services including Excellence Edge™ Films, Excellence Edge™ Productions, Richard Tyler Films®, Excellence Edge™ Ltd., and Richard Tyler International Technologies®.

Richard Tyler - Best Selling Author, World's Top Sales Trainer and Management ConsultantRichard Tyler, Best Selling Author, World's Top Sales Trainer and Management Consultant, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur. Richard Tyler is a 2-time Best-Selling Author, a 5-time Expy® Award Winner, a 2-time Quilly® Award Winner, a 2-time Editor’s Choice Award Winner, and a C-Suite Book Club featured best-selling author. Richard is a highly acclaimed Professional Speaker, Trainer and Filmmaker. Richard Tyler has been inducted into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors® and the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers™. Richard was selected as one of America’s PremierExperts™ and his philosophies have been featured in Forbes magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, The Business Journals, Sales and Marketing Management magazine, Wealth & Financial International magazine, Acquisition International magazine, Corporate America magazine, the Houston Chronicle as well as in hundreds of articles and interviews. Richard has been seen on FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC television affiliates,,,,,, Wall Street Journal’s,,,, as well as other major outlets.

Richard Tyler's inspirational films including  the documantaries Maximum Achievement: The Brian Tracy StoryThe Soul Of Success: The Jack Canfield Story and series of short films, The Power In You™  are critically acclaimed.

Richard Tyler’s two immensely popular training seminars, “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion® Program” and “Commitment to Excellence”® Leadership Mastery™ Program”, are influencing businesspeople from all rungs of the corporate ladder.

Richard Tyler’s two new books, “Success Today” with Brian Tracy and “Boom!” with Mark Victor Hansen and leading experts are international Best-Sellers.

Richard Tyler was recently recognized as the “World’s Top Sales Trainer” and Richard Tyler International’s, “Commitment to Excellence”® Sales Immersion Program®” was recognized as the “World’s Top Sales Training Program” when they received the “Award for Excellence in Sales Training” from Wealth & Finance International magazine.

As Richard says, “Remember, your success tomorrow is in direct proportion to your ‘Commitment to Excellence®’ today.™”

You can connect with Richard at:

Richard Tyler International, Inc.®, ‘Commitment to Excellence®’, and Sales Immersion® are registered trademarks of Richard Tyler. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. © 2017 Richard Tyler. All rights reserved.


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