Every picture tells a story: Am I a time traveler who captured the action first hand during the Civil War? No. But this is a throwback photo I took in 2014. It’s taken at the George Ranch Historical Park during their Texian Market Days Festival. If you want to capture some truly unique old-timey pictures then this is the event to go to. It happens every October and here you’ll see battle reenactments, people in costume, historic home tours, cowboys, and all kinds of good stuff for the camera. The best part about this park… alligators! Yes, there are gators here so be careful and make sure you bring that telephoto lens or you’ll be missing out.

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About Aja Vickers:
Aja Vickers is the President of Aja Vickers Global Media and Vickers Entertainment Group, LLC.

Aja Vickers has spent more than a decade creating compelling visual content for network television, businesses, non-profits, and artists. Her love of video production and photography keeps her striving to become one of the most sought after experts in her field.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Aja attended the University of New Mexico and University of San Francisco where she studied journalism and politics. Her internships with ABC affiliate KOAT in Albuquerque and FOX affiliate KTVU in Oakland taught her the necessary skills to become an on-air reporter and she got her first television job in 2006 at local community station TV30 near the San Francisco Bay Area. Aja started reporting, shooting, editing, writing, and producing her own segments and assisting with the production of the news program. Her success in this endeavor allowed her to become the Bureau Chief for the NBC affiliate KSNG out in Garden City, Kansas, where she won the Kansas Association of Broadcasters award for best Non-Metro Television Prime Newscast. With that success in Kansas, Aja moved to a larger media market in Tulsa, OK where she worked for the NBC affiliate KJRH. At this station she worked as a Multi-Media Journalist shooting, writing and contributing editing her own stories as well as being an on air reporter covering all areas of the news for the station. . From politics to crime, sports to tornadoes–you name it, she’s shot it, reported on it or both.

After experiencing all aspects of broadcast news, Aja decided she wanted to start her own production company and began her journey to make it a reality. Aja honed her skills in the news industry by doing thousands of different types of stories and interviews and she coupled those skills with her knack for storytelling and an ability to capture the emotion of any genre. The result is a masterful transformation of pictures and words into a powerful message for her clients. Whatever message you desire Aja can make it happen.

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